Tweet Retreat: Hunters Hill – Where Feathered Friends Find Sanctuary

Hunters Hill has dedicated over a decade to environmental research and monitoring in order to design an award-winning development plan. With approximately 80 acres allocated for preservation from the new housing development, owning real estate here is a truly beautiful experience. During the April 2013 Field Study conducted by the Qualified Environmental Planner, an impressive number of bird species were observed. The study revealed that Hunters Hill is home to 34 bird species, highlighting the importance of the environmental preservation plan in safeguarding nesting sites, cherished trees, and unique geological features.

Among the 34 species observed, the five most prevalent consisted of three migratory species and two resident species. One of these residents is the Dark Eyed Junco, a delightful bird that can often be seen foraging in the Hunters Hill Preservation Areas. Keep an ear out for their high-pitched chirps as they search for fallen seeds around protected trees and shrubs. Walking through the wetland areas during the early afternoon may offer glimpses of their fluttering tail feathers, as they navigate the surroundings with their characteristic short, low flights.

Dark-eyed Juncos breed in coniferous or mixed-coniferous forests across Canada, the western U.S., and the Appalachians. Therefore, the protected areas of Hunters Hill provide an excellent habitat for these Juncos to thrive. It is highly likely to spot them in the open woodlands or meadows of Hunters Hill, potentially even in the backyard of your new neighbours!

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