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“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet & the wind longs to play with your hair.”

– K Gibran

Okanagan lifestyle, from Your point of view, at Hunters Hill. Choice of Lake View, Non lake view, and a limited number of Country estate size lake view lots. Designing a very few Premium Acreage lake-view Estate lots. All lots fully serviced, guest house and RV Parking approved.


The landscape of Hunters Hill is both dramatic and diverse: Flowing ridgelines with plateaus of open grasslands and sagebrush pockets interspersed with open stands of Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-fir.

There are no ‘cookie cutter’ lots here because of the diverse lay of the land!

Hunters Hill features topographically differentiated and sized lots; each basking in its own sense of place.

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*Hunters Hill lots are FREE HOLD.

These are country style lots with full urban services including NO ABOVE GROUND POWER LINES.

Hunters Hill is designed for privacy, space and certainty of views.

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Recognizing the unique qualities of this site from the outset, a high quality plan for beautiful housing that is complementary to the natural setting has been achieved. The open spaces ensure views are protected.

Site sensitive planning principles have been employed in every decision. The abundant natural open spaces are protected to ensure the integrity of the development.

The panoramic lake, mountain, orchard, vineyard and city views provide an ideal context for fully serviced residential homes (and guest homes) in Summerland. Owners will savor the views with the confidence to know the views and sight lines are PROTECTED.

Nobody builds to wreck your view.

Nature Walk
Aspens Pond