Private Back Yards, Protected Views & Natural Sight Lines

September 18, 2017 Patrick Murphy




Home Construction at Hunters Hill

Hunters Hill is not chock-a-block with tiny lots like one would normally expect with other fully serviced subdivisions. Hunters Hill is also not cookie-cutter lots, one the same as the next.

Hunters Hill lots are spacious, fully serviced, and available for purchase.

The geology of the area has created topography with a series of ridges, plateaus and gullies. The topography is gentle enough that there is not one prominent skyline, rather, the natural ridgelines rise and drop, creating natural backdrops that minimize any visual impact between houses.

Importantly, well thought out planning has resulted in large areas of natural terrain and beautiful open spaces interspersed with the fully serviced home-sites.

Home-sites are situated to enhance the natural view protection with thoughtful positioning. The visual/physical context of the site is not about ease and availability for plan-book, modular or cookie cutter type housing.

Outdoor living spaces such as decks, terraces, pools and patio areas will highlight this natural terrain and the enhanced privacy of the Hunters Hill home-sites is something to celebrate for those of us who love the outdoors (and privacy, and views, and morning coffees and evening wine with friends…outside!).

Use of detached garages or parking areas reduce the visual impact while providing easier and safer vehicle access. By setting attached garages slightly back from the house, the “apparent mass” of the visual structure is minimized.

250 486 2529 is the direct line to the developer. Lots are not listed for sale on MLS, but information on how to own a lot at Hunters Hill, contact the Developer direct.