Okanagan Recreation Trails

March 25, 2016 Patrick Murphy


Trace the six-thousand year old footsteps of the First Nations people as you overlook a beautiful green lake cloaked by deep forest, towering scree slopes and fallen trees draped in fern: This is Garnet Lake!

The trailhead begins here, if you drive, but, really, you should bike through scenic Garnet Valley, passing farms and ranches and burlap colored hills covered in Ponderosa Pine, Fir and Poplar Groves.

The first 5 kilometers or so is paved with bike lane, and the last 3 km is a maintained gravel road past the dam at Garnet Lake. Interpretive signs will guide the way to lookout point for incredible sweeping views of Okanagan Lake.

Groups of fur traders in the early 1800’s traversed this trail.  Garnet Lake was a major encampment and is now a fifty acre Historic Park named “Priest Camp”, which is the only preserved encampment and trail site of the historic Okanagan Brigade Trail.

You can view a representation of the historic meeting between the fur traders and the Aboriginal people of southern BC in a superb mural on Main Street Summerland.

What an experience, enjoy. For more into, contact the Summerland Chamber of Commerce.