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March 17, 2017

Integrated Solar Power Project, Summerland BC

Summerland is exploring ways to best support the use of solar energy for homeowners and businesses in town.

The District of Summerland wishes to become a leader in the utilization of renewable energy to create economic benefits for the community through the use of solar energy.

These efforts with solar power will enhance the local economy and create jobs, support innovation, and attract new residents, particularly young people and skilled trades persons.

Further, this project will form the basis for an integrated, long-term approach to sustainable energy management within The District, which will provide ongoing opportunities for job creation and partnerships with local businesses.

The District’s multi-faceted approach to maximizing solar use:

  1. Create an affordable and easy-to-navigate pathway for residents and businesses to install solar technologies on their property
  2. Build a detailed project plan for the development of District-owned solar energy generation resources in the most beneficial way(s) possible and prepare for implementation of the plan
  3. Establish an energy efficiency program that provides resources and education to residents and businesses about sustainable energy use, and incentivizes them to save energy.

For more information on solar power, see the District’s Website at Summerland Solar Power Info

March 14, 2017

Design with the Environment

 Another Unanimous Approval from Summerland Municipal Council has been achieved this week.

Previous Council Approvals

2014 – Neighborhood Plan: Approved

2015 – Site Specific Zoning: Approved

2016 – Development Permits: Issued

2016 – Preliminary Layout Review: Issued


This week, Summerland Mayor and Council unanimously approved Hillside Development Guidelines at Hunters Hill.

Objective is to reduce the size and impact of infrastructure while maintaining safe and functional municipal service standards. Allows road networks that are designed to limit the development’s impact on the land.

  • Reduction of speed limits at Hunters Hill. Slow down, stay safe, enjoy these views!

In recognizing the need to balance development opportunity without permanently compromising hillside environments, Okanagan communities have been adopting hillside guidelines that complement zoning requirements.

Some of the dated regulations for development in Summerland simply did not leave room to create housing opportunities with the kind of environmental protections we are seeking at Hunters Hill. The balance involves sound site design to eliminate hazards, reduce footprint and preserve natural space.



February 23, 2017

Every Day is a chance

Every day is a chance to live healthier,

eat better, get stronger,

and take the path to better.

Healthy, Active, Outdoor lifestyle is why you live, at Hunters Hill, in Summerland, in the Okanagan.

Summerland is building a new cycle trail to Garnet Lake Recreation area, a lake renowned for fly fishing and kayaking. There is a significant upgrade planned for the Fur Brigade Trail, linking Peachland and Summerland. BOTH of these trails are right out the back door of Hunters Hill, through the Hunters Hill Preservation area, you go!



February 23, 2017

Your New Fitness Facility, Nature!

Hunters Hill Lots back onto Environmental Preservation areas, and border hundreds of acres of Crown Land overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Healthy living, Active lifestyles.

Contact Developer Direct 250 486 2529 for info on these fantastic, fully serviced lots coming soon!


February 23, 2017

Sustainability Nomination

Thank you for the nomination: Sustainability Leader Award recognizing business that operates in an environmentally responsible manner and supports local community and local economy. A great honor to be nominated, thank you! These are causes that are near and dear to our hearts!