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July 13, 2017

Game Changers

Another Game Changer in Okanagan Real Estate

$100 million investment in local winery announced yesterday. Congratulations to Phantom Creek Estates, “one of the top single vineyards in the world”, and the Bai family. 

Congratulations also to Area 27 Motorsport Club, Jacques Villeneuve partnered in this South Okanagan venture featured in BC Business.



May 27, 2017

Where do you live?

Share these incredible directional instructions to help your friends find your new home at Hunters Hill:

Turn off Hiway 97 at the Fruit Stand (a local favorite for pies, cheese bread and local organic hazelnuts).

Pass the vineyard (you must try this winery’s “tragic tale rose” which outlines the story behind their name).

Turn right at the organic peach farm (excellent organic apricots here, too).

Finally, take a left at one of the most historic cherry farms in the Okanagan (love those big old cherry trees).

Enjoy the last 100 meters where the country road is bordered by Pear trees, Apple trees and… more apple trees.

There, you turn on to Hunters Hill, just past the neighbors horses!

PS Sanborn Street itself is set for fresh new pavement as will, of course all the roads ON Hunters Hill be the nicest, freshest pavement in the South Okanagan. But not too much pavement, remember, this project is entirely designed to have the least environmental impact (smallest development foot print) possible.

May 4, 2017

Work? In Summerland?

Self Employed, Entrepreneurial, Consultant, On-Line, Home Based, Part-Time, on and on the list of options goes with the Okanagan lifestyle.

The lead industry in Summerland has always been the fruit growing industry, which of course is responsible for the agricultural charm and heritage of this small town. But the Ag sector is expanding with the growth of the wine industry. And with that growth comes opportunity.

Wine Tourists love the Bed and Breakfast options in Summerland, and the on-line growth of Air BnB and others lets visitors get a real feel for this community, and the many agricultural experiences available (not just wine tasting!)

One of Summerland’s major employers was established over 100 years ago and continues thriving today. The Federal Research Center sits on almost 800 acres in Summerland with federal scientists working on high value crops, particularly wine grapes and tree fruits. Developing strategies to ensure the success of our agricultural industries is of high importance at the Center—specifically by promoting the generation of knowledge and technologies for environmentally and economically sustainable production of agri-food products.

April 16, 2017

Completely Unique Okanagan Housing Development


 Protect critical environmental areas.

Hunters Hill has dedicated a generational legacy of protection for critical ecosystems including Wetlands and Grasslands. The connectivity of these is assisted with key wildlife corridor preservation areas. Nature is left alone to display its wonders at Hunters Hill.

Preserve open space.

Hunters Hill has preserved approximately 86 acres of land for non-development preservation. This open space creates visual cornerstones throughout the development, ensuring protection of habitat while protecting the incredible open vistas that would simply not be possible in “normal” housing developments.

Guide housing away from agricultural land.

The land at Hunters Hill is not in the Agricultural Land Reserve, and has never been farmed or “worked”. The land is natural, organic and beautiful. That is why we have chosen to protect over half of it! The portions open for housing do include some larger parcels that are conducive to “gentleman” vineyard or fruit tree planting. The Okanagan has a limited supply of valley bottom lands that are viable for farming, and Hunters Hill has fully respected that housing should not be built on those agricultural lands.

Guide housing into designated areas to create a sense of community

Hunters Hill is designed to guide housing into designated areas within the overall development area. The lots are large enough to ensure privacy, space and protection of views, but clustered enough to ensure neighbors can feel at home here.

Respond to the Natural Topography

The topography at Hunters Hill creates incredible opportunity for homeowners to feel right at home, to feel a part of owning a very special piece of the Okanagan. The open spaces between individual neighborhoods not only reduces the overall environmental impact, but creates opportunities for a greater sense of community at Hunters Hill.

March 28, 2017

Protection & Preservation Strategies at Hunters Hill

Hunters Hill Preservation Areas


 A Home for Wise ones

Protected Wetland – Trembling Aspens

Sanborn Lake, nearby Hunters Hill

Great Horned Owls, Protected Nest Sites


Protected Meadows


 Protected Wildlife Corridors

Protected Wildlife Trees (Honeybee Tree)

Protected Ephemeral Wetland

Early Spring “Frog Song”

occurs in a very short 5 or 6 day window at the Hunters Hill Wetland.

The cute little guy below is one of those that emerges to head on over to join in the spring frog song at Hunters Hill wetlands. Never see them or hear from them again till next year!