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February 18, 2017

Hunters Hill, Partners in Conservation

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”  Kahlil Gibran

 As a Summerland based development company, we have consulted closely with the community and have worked diligently with the town of Summerland to design this new project.

We are confident that any buyer looking for a non-strata, non-leased, fully serviced building lot will be positively shocked with the high quality housing option available in the very near future, at Hunters Hill.

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February 16, 2017

No Peek A Boo Views

You want to be a part of Hunters Hill, a celebration of the land, the environment and the small-town atmosphere of Summerland.

The land use strategies have been designed with a high regard for the land itself and with valued input from neighbours and other community members.

Site sensitive planning principles have been employed in every decision.

“A new view of Okanagan Lake, a new perspective on Environmentally Friendly land development, and a spectacular setting for new home construction!”

The abundant natural open space and panoramic lake, mountain, orchard and city views provide an ideal context for the fully serviced home sites at Hunters Hill. The preservation areas are pristine!

You can own a lot at Hunters Hill.

The lots are free-hold, not strata, not leased land. The lots are fully serviced, including sewer, water, electricity and natural gas at lot line. You can build when you want:

There are no time constraints in which you must build, and you can make your free choice of which builder to hire when you do want to begin building your new home.

– There is no requirement to fully landscape your lot, but you can if you want.

There are very minimal building restrictions in place to protect your investment.

  • For example, no mobile homes, no modular homes, minimum 1500 square feet, and only a limited number of “oversize” lots will welcome log homes or “rustic” design.

A very limited number of lots are height restricted, and a limited number of lots will have design requirements.

The carefully crafted lot layout and road designs have ensured that lot buyers have numerous building site options and the stunning views are protected, the sight lines from these lots are incredible.

Phase 1 is coming, get ready for your chance at owning in the Okanagan’s premier new housing development: Hunters Hill in Summerland BC

Owl Perched in Protected Wetland at Hunters Hill



February 11, 2017

Your Summers, in Summerland.

Beaches, wine, hiking, biking. All part of what makes your summers in Summerland so great.

Hunters Hill overlooks Summerland, the Okanagan’s finest small town. A short bike ride past orchards and vineyards, and you’re sitting enjoying a coffee with friends on the Okanagan’s finest Main Street.

The vibrant downtown shops and amenities are key parts of the laidback lifestyle. An enjoyable afternoon can easily be spent wandering boutiques, snacking on delicious, freshly baked goods, or sipping wine at a street side patio.

Picture a place where town and nature come together in perfect harmony. A place where busy shops and peaceful parks are so close to home. A place where you can explore the sights of a vibrant small town, then escape to the quiet calm of a lush green oasis. Find it all at Hunters Hill. Call or text developer direct 250 486 2529

February 11, 2017

Its Time to Live, in Summerland!

Summerland is a small town that genuinely displays the benefits of graceful growth…

With its rich agricultural and business history, this town has come of age as a premier wine & vineyard destinations, but Summerland’s greatest charms remain its timeless ones…


•Active lifestyles are obvious priorities in Summerland, evidenced by the investment in upgrading of biking trails such as Fir Brigade Trail, or the under construction family bike trail to Garnet Lake Recreation Area.

Summerland has two golf courses and there are plenty more in surrounding communities.

Summerland is a lakefront community on the shores of Okanagan Lake, providing a spectacular active playground for water enthusiasts of all manner.

There are plenty of choices for the sporting enthusiast ranging from mountain biking, horseback trails to lakeside tennis courts, canoe & kayak, triathlon training and seasonal snowshoeing, cross country ski trails and the Okanagan’s finest ski hills also nearby.

•Four Season playground for skiing, camping, fishing, and rock climbing all near by.

•Orchards and vineyards create a quiet, charming rural atmosphere.

*Summerland is home to the highest number of roadside “on your honor” fresh fruit and garden produce stands in the Okanagan. What a great reason to go for a bike ride!



You deserve the full four seasons in the Okanagan:

•Warm spring sunshine with beautiful peach and cherry blossoms. Summers spent enjoying clean sandy beaches and clear, warm waters. Beautiful, lingering fall days full of the colors of a changing season. Perhaps best of all, the gentle winters leading again to the promise of spring blossom.

•Cities such as Kelowna and Penticton with all their big box outlets and event centers are a short drive away from Summerland. And Summerland is located with easy access to the Coquihalla Highway system connecting the Lower Mainland.


Kettle Valley Railway in Summerland features the steam train and trestle over the spectacular Trout Creek Canyon.

You are not likely to get lost in our small friendly town, but you are welcome to lose yourself along our quiet country roads!

Today, many things have changed… but the important things have not.

Summerland is filled is a warm, inviting, friendly small town. We want you to savor your sun drenched summers here with us.

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Summerland, BC

March 25, 2016

Okanagan Recreation Trails


Trace the six-thousand year old footsteps of the First Nations people as you overlook a beautiful green lake cloaked by deep forest, towering scree slopes and fallen trees draped in fern: This is Garnet Lake!

The trailhead begins here, if you drive, but, really, you should bike through scenic Garnet Valley, passing farms and ranches and burlap colored hills covered in Ponderosa Pine, Fir and Poplar Groves.

The first 5 kilometers or so is paved with bike lane, and the last 3 km is a maintained gravel road past the dam at Garnet Lake. Interpretive signs will guide the way to lookout point for incredible sweeping views of Okanagan Lake.

Groups of fur traders in the early 1800’s traversed this trail.  Garnet Lake was a major encampment and is now a fifty acre Historic Park named “Priest Camp”, which is the only preserved encampment and trail site of the historic Okanagan Brigade Trail.

You can view a representation of the historic meeting between the fur traders and the Aboriginal people of southern BC in a superb mural on Main Street Summerland.

What an experience, enjoy. For more into, contact the Summerland Chamber of Commerce.