Natural Terrain = View Protection

January 5, 2018 Patrick Murphy

The natural terrain of Hunters Hill is very conducive to retention of open spaces and view protection. This is not about view “corridors”.

Professional planners have worked with the lay of the land to design the lots in ways that ensure privacy, space and views. Protected open spaces create a natural feel, while the plateaus and slopes work together for view protection.

For example, describing the layout of lots 101 to 103:

Lot 102 is slightly elevated over lot 101, such that building on lot 101 will not impede views from lot 102. In a similar manner, 102 will not impede 103, but will look past 101 and so on.

The natural plateau of Lot 102 provides a slightly deeper lot than 101. And 103 plateau is slightly deeper than 103 and so on.

Official Opening is February 10

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