How do I buy a lot at Hunters Hill?

August 29, 2017 Patrick Murphy

Contact Developer direct to arrange a site visit. This meeting will help you get your bearings on what is a very large project spread across over 160+ acres. The maps and drawings are just not able to display the scope and space of the lots and the space between the development areas.

After this initial visit with the Developer, arrange your next visit without the developer (or with, if you like, its up to you).

But we want you to get a true feel for the project, and your choice of lots, so just arrange a time for your second visit, with our without the Developer.

Select your lot. Ensure the lot has not sold so as to avoid disappointment. Inform the Developer of your choice. Ask any questions.

Next, you will receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement which has been filed with the Registrar of Real Estate. This Statement ensures you are fully informed, (including Design Guidelines), in writing, of all aspects of the development.

After this, you can ask the Developer to draft a contract to purchase your lot!

This contract is written on a standard BC Real Estate Association form, and is between yourself as buyer and Hunter’s Hill Holdings Ltd, as seller. A 10% deposit is payable with the contract, and is placed in a provincially regulated Trust Account which is not accessible by the Developer for any reason.

As buyer, you have the right to cancel, or “rescind” the contract for a 7 day window. If you change your mind, you can, without interest or penalty, within those first 7 days. Once that 7 day window has passed, the contract is firm and binding, the “sold sign” goes up!

Approximately 45- to 120 days later, the buyer will be notified of an amendment to the Disclosure Statement, at which time the final 10% deposit is due and payable, again into the Trust Account.

Even though you are dealing direct with the Developer (Patrick Murphy) who is a licensed Realtor, and even though the deposit is placed into the Re/Max Orchard Country Trust Account, there is no buyer agency.

Call or text to take the next step

250 486 2529