"There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature."

- Aristotle

Hunters Hill is a celebration of the land, the environment and the small-town atmosphere of Summerland.

Our generational legacy preservation areas consist of wetlands, grasslands, wildlife movement corridors and more. The Open Space at Hunters Hill makes for scenic, natural neighborhood highlights.


The Summerland-based family ownership group has hired some of the best environmental consultants & design planners to create neighborhoods that are completely responsive to the site’s natural contours, view corridors & terrain.

We want Hunters Hill to be the absolute opposite of 'cookie-cutter' sprawl housing that would be an insult to the property and an insult to the character of Summerland itself.

The design team has worked closely with the community, with city staff, and with a team of expert planners in order to ultimately be dedicating over half the land for preservation.

We believe home owners, for GENERATIONS, will benefit from the design principles we have adhered to at Hunters Hill:

-Identify and preserve the site’s natural features to maintain the character and sense of place

-Careful design of site amenities to ensure the protection of views for property owners 

-Design to preserve visually appealing natural features

-Design cohesively with existing topographic conditions and terrain

-Blend in with the small town character and agricultural heritage of Summerland

-Enhance and celebrate nature

-Provide housing opportunities in conjunction with leisure, recreation and economic opportunities

-Encourage balanced enhancement with architectural form and character that is harmonious with the site’s intrinsic natural highlights

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