About the Developers

Hunters Hill is a joint venture development project between Emil Anderson Group & Murphy Brothers Group.

We genuinely consider Summerland to be the Okanagan’s finest small town,

and for years we have known how special the Hunters Hill property really is.


As an Okanagan based joint venture, with long family histories here, we have consulted closely with the community and worked diligently with the town of Summerland to create Hunters Hill.

Having been in business over many years, we understand well the value of creating positive, local, economic ripple effects. We know the potential good for Summerland businesses and employment as a result of our work at Hunters Hill. The phrase “shop local & hire local” is and always will be a driving force with us.

Over the past decade and longer, and with the work of many professionals and consultants, the Hunters Hill project has progressed through full zoning approvals & development designs:

Neighborhood Plan, Environmental Plan, Wildfire Assessment, Soils Report, Geotechnical Study, Traffic Report, Environmental Test Pit program, Soils Analysis, Storm Water Hydra Testing, Endangered Species Report, Wildlife Tree Report (Mapping), Grasslands Report, (Mapping), Wildlife Report, Plant Survey (report), Reptile & Bat survey, LIDAR aerial survey, Wildfire Mitigation Development Permit, Road Survey, Preliminary Layout Review, PLR Amendment, Sewer Service Area Approval, Design Guidelines, Disclosure Statement, Offsite Detail Design, Sanborn Road upgrade, Zoning text amendment Carriage Homes, Offsite Design, Bentley Rd Sewer Extension, Onsite Detail design, Development Variance Permit, Engineered Lot Layout, Control Point Survey, Lot Line Adjustment, Road Dedication Agreement…and more.