Welcome to the lots at Hunters Hill
Summerland, B.C


  A completely unique Okanagan Housing Development. In town, but feels like the middle of nowhere. Full urban services at each lot, but not the usual tiny size lots. Protection of views but free flowing design guidelines. Open spaces but neighborly feel. All set in the Okanagan Valley. 


Hunters Hill, Partners in Conservation

Environmental stewardship has been a priority throughout the entire zoning and approval process for Hunters Hill.

Hunters Hill natural areas are Preserving Paradise, and paving the way for one of a kind housing in the Okanagan on the carefully selected adjacent development footprints.

The Hunters Hill preservation areas protecting the natural beauty, are a result of purposefully minimizing the development footprint.

Hunters Hill is protecting over half the land from development, preserving over 80 acres.


This one of a kind housing opportunity offers the chance to own a fully serviced lake view estate-size lot within the carefully planned open spaces that are fundamental features of Hunters Hill.

For information on how to own at Hunters Hill, speak direct with the Developer:

250 486 2529




Hunters Hill development is the only one of its kind in the Okanagan, balancing environmental consideration with community benefit.

  • Not a Gated Community
  • Not a Land Lease Development
  • The lots are full title, you own the land and there are not monthly fees to pay.
  • There are no time constraints in which you must build, and you are free to choose your own builder.
  • There is no requirement to landscape your entire lot.
  • There are minimal building restrictions in place to protect your investment.
  • Hunters Hill 250 486 2529


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Hunters Hill information, direct from developer.

Phone or text

250 486 2529

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